Tuning Your Engine with a Laptop and Aftermarket Fuel Injection System

Tuning an engine with a laptop computer and an aftermarket fuel injection system is possible. It allows you to convert carbureted V8s into fuel injection, giving you maximum control over your system. Most kits come with a portable controller that allows you to manually adjust the parameters. A laptop computer can make this task easier, but it is not absolutely necessary.

PC tuning is the most comprehensive option available, with software packages designed for different OEMs or ECUs in the aftermarket. This gives you control over the entire scope of performance calibration, allowing you to select any combination you can imagine. To use PC tuning, all you need to do is purchase a connecting cable or adapter, and the rest is done through the PC's software. Tuning an EFI system requires expertise in EFI products and how to tune motors with these systems.

Holley Avenger EFI is an easy-to-install system that fits many applications. It can be used exclusively, or it can be used to adjust areas of the map that the tuner cannot access during the adjustment process. Tuning companies like Cobb offer portable devices that come with the ability to connect to a laptop for a more complete fit.

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