The Benefits of EFI: Increased Performance and Reliability for Your Vehicle

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems are becoming increasingly popular among car owners due to their superior performance and reliability. Compared to carburettors, EFI systems provide more power and torque, easier starting, and higher fuel efficiency. This is because EFI systems are equipped with a variety of sensors that provide information to the system for the proper adjustment of the EFI system. The Edelbrock universal EFI sump kit is designed to provide the high-pressure fuel needed for EFI applications in vehicles that still use a mechanical fuel pump.

This allows car owners to enjoy the benefits of EFI without having to replace their existing fuel pump. According to Mark, the initial outlay for an EFI system may be more than just a carburettor, but it's worth trading it for the overall increase in performance and consistency of performance with EFI. EFI systems are becoming more advanced and reliable as the years go by, but if something goes wrong, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the garage and talking on the phone with EFI technical support. Adjusting a carburettor requires hand tools, while EFI requires entering information into a portable controller.

Many people choose to switch from a carburettor to an EFI because they tend to be more reliable. Most modernized EFI systems (type 4150 throttle bodies) use a speed density adjustment strategy to determine the right fuel for the engine by collecting information from the throttle position sensor (TPS), the absolute pressure sensor (MAP) in the manifold, the rpm, an oxygen (O) sensor, a coolant temperature sensor (CTS) and the manifold air temperature sensor (MAT).

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