Tuning Your Ignition System for Optimal EFI Performance

When it comes to EFI tuning, it is essential to ensure that the ignition system is functioning properly. To do this, you should visually inspect the spark plug holes and adjust them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once you have done this, you can move on to the Go EFI Tuning menu. Here, you should look for the Crank and Warm-up option.

This will give you three starter fuel selections that you can use for cold and hot starts. To adjust the fuel settings, you can add or subtract fuel from 65f crank fuel for cold starts and 170f crank fuel for hot starts. By changing these settings, you should be able to resolve any startup issues that you may be having. Additionally, it is also important to adjust the IAC configuration.

As a starting point, it is recommended that you change the settings in intervals of 10 to determine how best to adjust the system. To change the amount of fuel that is applied, you must go back to Go EFI Tuning and then search for Fuel Cut Control. To do this, simply place the key in the on position and then search for Go EFI Tuning in the main menu and press enter. By following these steps, you should be able to optimize your EFI tuning and ensure that your ignition system is functioning properly. With a properly tuned ignition system, your vehicle will be able to start quickly and efficiently.

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