Tuning Your EFI System for Maximum Performance

When it comes to optimizing your engine for peak performance, the type of fuel you use is a critical factor. E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, has an octane rating close to 105 according to the US classification system. This is higher than the 91 or 93 octane of regular premium gasoline, and it provides a greater level of shock resistance which allows increased momentum and time to generate more power. If you're looking to gain knowledge about electronic fuel injection engine tuning, EFI University offers several educational opportunities. From the fundamentals to advanced-level classes, you can gain a better understanding of the engine design process and the concepts of turbocharging.

Here are four useful tips for dealing with situations that often draw attention when adjusting an EFI system.1.


your fuel pressure regulator is set correctly. This will guarantee that your fuel injectors are receiving the correct amount of fuel at all times.2.Inspect your spark plugs regularly. This will help you identify any issues with your ignition system and make sure that your engine is running efficiently.3.


your air/fuel ratio is correct. This will help you get the most out of your engine and ensure that it's running at its peak performance.4.Monitor your exhaust gas temperature (EGT).

This will help you identify any issues with your engine's combustion process and make sure that it's running as efficiently as possible. As the founder and senior instructor of EFI University in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Ben Strader oversees the quality and flow of information taught in the EFI-101 and EFI Advanced classes. With his expertise, you can be sure that you're getting the best advice when it comes to tuning your EFI system for maximum performance.

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